Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia: It's Going Around!

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This time of the year has parents often wondering when to take their kids to the pediatrician as they start showing seasonal symptoms. Pediatrician with The University of Kansas Health System Dr. Stephen Lauer says the symptoms of bacterial and viral pneumonia can be similar. High fever, coughing and problems breathing are all signs of pneumonia, often more severe when it’s bacterial.

Dr. Lauer says there’s no real way a parent would know which is which so it’s important to keep an eye on their child’s behavior and know when to bring them in to be checked out.

If not treated properly pneumonia can be deadly. Although fever and coughing can be considered normal symptoms when combined with breathing hard and faster can be a sign to bring your child to the doctor.

Drinking more water and staying hydrated is important. Making sure your child is urinating normally is a good way to tell if they need further care.

You can treat bacterial pneumonia with antibiotics, but if it’s viral treatment really is limited to helping your child as they fight off the infection.