Father of Three Gets Hope for Father's Day

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Austin Hill has a lot to be thankful for this Father’s Day. During a doctor’s visit, the 29-year-old father of three got the shock of his life. He was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer and his prognosis was grim. His cancer was considered stage four, the most advanced, when he began chemotherapy. Unfortunately, that didn’t help. But his doctors at The University of Kansas Cancer Center said that was actually good news, because that failure qualified him for a new treatment called immunotherapy. That’s a type of cancer treatment that helps your own cells fight off the cancer cells. Austin was placed on Keytruda which works with your immune system. He’s showing signs of improvement, and Austin will continue his treatments every three weeks until doctors can determine if he is healthy enough to stop them. Although doctors tell Austin he will never be considered cancer free, he is determined to live like he is.

            In the video, Austin Hill talks about his life with his family before his diagnosis, how his family has kept him strong and given him hope during the treatment, and why he’s so thankful and optimistic for the future.

            Also, Dr. Weijing Sun, a medical oncologist with The University of Kansas Cancer Center, talks about Austin’s treatment with Keytruda and how it works, and why it’s rare for this treatment to be successful for stomach cancer, like Austin’s.

            The video also show’s Austin as he’s receiving the Keytruda treatment in the clinic and various pictures of Austin with his family.