Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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           Having a hip replaced is usually a major surgery, requiring days of recovery in the hospital and weeks of physical therapy. But imagine a hip replacement surgery that lets patients go home the same day. It’s happening at The University of Kansas Health System, thanks to Dr. Jonathon Salava, an orthopedic surgeon who’s perfected a new minimally invasive technique that’s much easier on patients.

            In the video, Dr. Salava explains how the traditional hip replacement works, and why it can take days in the hospital and weeks of rehab. Then he explains the new method, called a direct anterior approach, in which the surgeon goes between muscles instead of cutting through them. He says there’s much less tissue damage and pain and most patients can go home the same day. He says nine out of ten hip replacement patients can benefit from this new technique.

            Also on the video is a patient, Dr. Michael Artman, who’s in charge of the pediatric programs at both Children’s Mercy Hospital and The University of Kansas Health System. He spoke just before his surgery about the hip problems and constant pain he’d been suffering, and why he’s so excited to have the new minimally invasive procedure. He says as a fellow doctor, he can definitely see the advantage over the traditional method, and he hopes to be able to walk around both hospitals pain-free and resume his exercise routine.

            Next on the video, Dr. Artman’s visit with his surgeon Dr. Salava two weeks after the procedure. Dr. Salava says his patient looks like someone who’s six weeks out from surgery. Dr. Artman says he feels great and his recovery has been easier than he expected…he calls it “remarkable.” He said it’s gone so well, he’s ready to go back to work and to resume driving.

            Also included is video of the procedure itself and Dr. Artman’s follow up visit with Dr. Salava.