New Tissue-Sparing Procedure for Prostate Cancer

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           Ask any urologist, and they’ll tell you this: every man who lives long enough is likely to develop prostate cancer. But this isn't as disturbing as it sounds; most prostate cancers never develop into a harmful form of the disease and a large proportion of men will pass away from other causes without their prostate cancer progressing and becoming invasive.

            During this Prostate Cancer Awareness month, Dr. Will Parker, a urologic oncologist at The University of Kansas Health System, says that for those needing treatment, there are many options, including a new tissue-sparing prostate cancer surgery not available anywhere else in the region. In the video, he describes the procedure, and who’s a candidate. He also explains what prostate cancer is and how common it can be. He discusses the risk factors and symptoms and talks about the debate over screening guidelines in the past few years. And he tells what men who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer should be asking their doctors.