Vasectomies During March Madness Urban - Legend or Truth?

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Men scheduling vasectomies during March Madness actually started as a marketing idea years ago among a handful of urologists.  From there it became urban legend and is now becoming a ‘thing’ for some urology clinics across the U.S.

“There were actually  clever ads years ago suggesting men ‘lower their seed’ and enjoy the games,” Dr. Nangia urologist and surgeon at The University of Kansas Hospital said.  He performed about 170 vasectomies last year.   

“But how much can you really enjoy the ‘madness’ when recovering from a vasectomy?”  Dr. Nangia points out patients can’t enjoy a beer and watch the game when on pain medication and they will be sore for a few days post-procedure.

While some clinics across the nation now report a 30% increase in vasectomies during March Madness,  Dr. Nangia says Fridays and the end of the year are much busier times for him.  Fridays are popular because they give patients the weekend to recover.  The end of year signals a time when men want to squeeze the  the thirty minute procedure in if they have met their insurance deductibles earlier in the year. 

In the video below, Dr. Nangia explains why men should carefully consider vasechtomies and how he often spends time reversing the procedure for patients this time of year.