BRA Day … Top Three Options for Breast Reconstruction

More and more options are available to women wanting reconstruction after breast cancer and we recognize those options on Breast Reconstruction Day.

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Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day gives attention to many more options available to breast cancer survivors wanting reconstruction.  Those options include newer, safer implants in more natural shapes.  More and more women are also opting for a procedure called DIEP flap that takes tissue and fat from their belly to create a natural breast while preserving the stomach muscles.  DIEP flap reconstruction requires special training and not all cancer hospitals offer it.  Interested patients should ask their doctor for a referral to a plastic surgeon trained in DIEP flap. Dr. Richard Korentager, chair of Plastic Surgery and Burns, explains how that procedure works. Dr. Julie Holding, breast reconstruction surgeon, shows the top three options for breast reconstruction.