Mom Battling Breast Cancer Refuses Abortion and Gives Birth to Healthy Boy

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            Stacey Johnson found out a year ago she was expecting her second child. Then she received the stunning news that she had breast cancer. Even more devastating was hearing from her doctor that she might have to terminate the pregnancy in order to undergo treatment. Johnson couldn’t bear the thought of that, and sought a second opinion from breast oncologist Dr. Lauren Nye at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Dr. Nye had great news. Research shows as long as the woman is into her second trimester, it’s OK to treat the cancer and keep the baby.

            Dr. Nye says a special team, including a breast surgeon, medical oncologist, radiologist, maternal fetal medicine specialist and the obstetrician, all have to work together and orchestrate things a bit differently from a traditional pregnancy. That’s what happened with Stacey. She was able to have the best of both worlds…a healthy baby boy and a cancer-free diagnosis.

            In the video, we hear from Dr. Lauren Nye, breast oncologist at The University of Kansas Cancer Center, first in 2017 while examining Stacey Johnson before the birth, then one year later as Stacy’s son approaches his first birthday. Also in the video, an interview with Stacy Johnson shortly after consulting with Dr. Nye in 2017 and hearing the great news that her pregnancy could go on, then one year later in her home as she takes care of her son William and his older sister.

            The video also includes b- roll of the 2017 office visit and 2018 shots from Stacey’s home with her son and daughter.