What To Expect When Expecting As a Cancer Patient

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            Mother’s Day, 2017 is one Stacey Johnson will never forget. She’s about to give birth to her second child, a son, but feared she’d have to end that pregnancy because she developed breast cancer. Most OBGYN’s advise their patients with cancer to terminate the pregnancy because traditional thinking is chemotherapy will be too hard on the developing baby.

            But Dr. Lauren Nye at The University of Kansas Cancer Center says that’s not necessarily true. She specializes in treating pregnant women diagnosed with breast cancer. In the video, she explains how the problem is becoming more common, as many women put off motherhood till later in life when cancer is more likely. She explains how the timing of the chemotherapy is all important, and sometimes, the baby may have to be delivered early so the mother can resume chemotherapy.

            Also in the video, Stacey Johnson explains how she found a lump on her breast about the same time she found out she was pregnant, but knew she didn’t want to end the pregnancy. She says it’s a wonderful feeling to focus on being a mom, and not just on being a cancer patient. The video also includes shots of Dr. Nye (who is also pregnant) interacting in the exam room.