Surgery Puts Epilepsy Patient Back in the Driver's Seat

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           For many years, 39-year-old Jennifer Krause was unable to drive. She suffered from what she describes as “mild episodes” as a teen and into her early 20’s, but didn’t know what they were. Countless doctors didn’t know what they were either. Jennifer was dizzy, exhausted and looking      for answers…until one day 10 years ago. While walking into a store, she fell face first into the concrete, suffering her first grand mal seizure. Then it happened again three years later. Dozens of MRI’s over the years revealed nothing, until finally a doctor found a lesion on her brain…and sent her to The University of Kansas Health System, where she met with Dr. Carol Ulloa, a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy. Dr. Ulloa quickly diagnosed right temporal lobe epilepsy, and told Jennifer she was a perfect candidate for a surgical procedure to remove that lesion on her brain. That surgery has been a life-changer for Jennifer, who has regained her freedom, including her driver’s license, which she had to give up due to the risk of seizures.

            In the video, Dr. Carol Ulloa describes meeting Jennifer for the first time, taking time to listen to her description of what the episodes felt like, and knowing what was causing her seizures. Most importantly, she was able to get Jennifer the surgery that changed her life. Dr. Ulloa also describes the surgery, and why it’s the best step for patients when medicine doesn’t help.

            Also in the video, Jennifer Krause, who talks about her life before being diagnosed with epilepsy. She explains all of the restrictions she faced, such as no driving, no swimming, no taking a bath and no using a knife. She says the procedure has been “absolutely transforming,” and is back to driving and traveling. She says the best part is, for the first time in a long time, she can simply “hop in the car, and go get a Dr. Pepper.”

            The video also contains various still photos and video of Jennifer during her treatment.