New Technique in Treating Serious Strokes Announced

Mr. Clean Procedure More Effective Than Previous Treatments

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      During Stroke Awareness Month, The University of Kansas Hospital praises a new technique reported in the New England Journal of Medicine as a major breakthrough in serious stroke care.

     Marilyn Rymer, MD, vice president of neurosciences at The University of Kansas Hospital, says going directly to large blood clots blocking blood vessels to the brain and removing them was 70 percent more effective in producing positive patient outcomes than the current standard of care, which is IV infusion of clot busting drugs.    

     The research trial using the acronym MR CLEAN noted attacking the clot directly is more effective regardless of which method is used. The catheter can attack the clot by vacuuming out the clot or snare it and pull it out with a stent. Dr. Rymer said The University of Kansas Hospital has been using both approaches and agreed with the study’s findings that the approach is more effective.