Risk of Breast Implant Cancer is Low

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A plastic surgeon at The University of Kansas Health System says only a very small percentage of one type of breast implants have been linked to cancer.  Stories surfaced this month that there was a cancer risk, but Julie Holding, MD, breast surgeon at The University of Kansas Health System, says more research is needed on the textured breast implants which have been linked to cancer in a few documented cases.  Dr. Holding says many women still request the textured implants because they are perceived to have a better outcome. She also stresses the cancer linked to the small number of cancer cases is not a recurrence of breast cancer.  Dr. Holding demonstrates the difference between implants while she puts the cancer reports in perspective.

Video includes various raw interview clips with Dr. Holding, including one where she shows the difference between implants.  There is also some video of the various implants at the end of interview.