Cancer Doctor Looks For Cure for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Over the years, doctors have worked to  identify different types of breast cancer to improve and customize treatment. One type, the rarest and most aggressive of all, is called triple negative breast cancer…affecting only about 15 percent of breast cancer patients. It’s also the least studied. But a doctor from The University of Kansas Cancer Center has created a research tool unlike anything in the world to help beat the disease.

            In the video Dr. Priyanka Sharma, an oncologist at The University of Kansas Cancer Center, and researcher at University of Kansas Medical Center, explains what triple negative breast cancer is and why it requires a different approach than other breast cancers. She describes her unique registry of 800 triple negative breast cancer patients she’s assembled which helps her compare blood and tissue samples and medical records from this particular group. The idea, she says, is to find personalized treatments for each patient.

            Leslie McGuire is one of those patients who has contributed her medical history to the registry. She’s now celebrating one year of being cancer-free, and in the video says she was glad to provide her information if it could give even one woman the chance to have their cancer story end like hers. She says because of the treatment, she and her husband Brian can now focus on raising their two children.

            The video also includes shots of the doctor and patient interacting in the clinic.