All Things Heart - Cardiology Fellow Saves Jogger

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Jon Cook loves to exercise. The 52-year-old works out every day and has a clean bill of health from his yearly physical. Months later, he collapsed and experienced cardiac arrest on a nightly jog. The numbers weren’t on his side. The CDC found 9 out of 10 people who have cardiac arrest outside of a hospital do not survive. He was lucky. Instead of hitting the treadmill at home, he decided to jog along Mission Road. It was the difference between life and death. Dr. Prakash Acharya, an interventional cardiologist fellow, happened to be driving by when Jon collapsed. He, along with two women skilled in CPR, pulled over to help. It turns out, the two women are cardiac anesthesiologists. All three work at the University of Kansas Health System. All Things Heart explores what caused his cardiac arrest and the statistics that could inspire change in your everyday life.


  • Jon Cook, patient
  • Dr. Prakash Acharya, interventional cardiologist fellow
  • Dr. Rhea Pimentel, electrophysiologist