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Kathy Schutte was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 1995. She was in her twenties and living abroad. She returned to the United States and underwent chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors warned her that life-saving cancer treatment could one day cause heart problems. Kathy beat cancer. Twenty years later, she was diagnosed with heart failure after struggling to breathe. Her diagnosis led her to the University of Kansas Health System and her first appointment with cardiologist Dr. Bhanu Gupta. He told Kathy she needed a new heart. Before Kathy could qualify for a heart transplant, she needed to lose weight. It’s something she struggled with all of her life. Many obese patients face obstacles to getting heart transplants. Dr. Gupta recommended Kathy get gastric sleeve surgery in December 2018. She went on to have a successful heart transplant in May 2020. All Things Heart explores the challenges overweight patients face when needing life-saving transplants and the innovative ways to treat heart failure. 


  • Kathy Schutte, Patient 
  • Dr. Bhanu Gupta, heart failure and transplantation cardiologist