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Pat Carney recently moved back to Kansas City after caring for his sick mother in Florida when he first noticed a change in his vision. He had floaters, those tiny little black spots in your vision that many of us can blink away. Patrick eventually made an appointment with his ophthalmologist, thinking he would need glasses and was in for a shock. Doctors at the University of Kansas Health System Eye Care clinic put him through several tests before delivering the news. There was a problem connected to his heart. Doctors told Pat he had severe bleeding and swelling behind his eyes and was about to experience a major stroke or a heart attack. Doctors caught the issues in time thanks to his eye examination. All Things Heart explores the changes Pat made and now prescribes to others. 


  • Pat Carney, Patient 
  • Dr. Radwan Ajlan, Comprehensive Ophthalmologist 
  • Dr. Raghuveer Dendi, Cardiologist