Winter Officially Arrives Along With 3 Common Season Poisonings

          December 21st marks the start of winter.  It’s also when cars are winterized, sidewalks prepared for icy weather and heating sources kick-on.  “Those three common activities too often lead to unintended poisonings,” Stefanie Baines, educator for the Poison Control Center at The University of Kansas Health System said.  “Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common threat during winter.”  Baines recommends checking all heating sources for leaks and using all heat sources as directed.  She recommends carbon monoxide detectors on every floor and outside all bedrooms.  Baines also says to keep car fluids like anti-freeze and windshield wiper fluid in their proper containers and put up and away out of reach of children.  “Anti-freeze has a sweet smell and taste, but is very dangerous to children,” Baines said.  “Rock salt or chemicals to melt ice can also make a small child or even a pet sick.”

            In the video below, Baines shares more tips for keeping everyone safe.  The B-roll includes a quick video created by the Poison Control Center to show the dangers.  Please share the video on your news sites.