A Sneak Peek Inside the Infield Care Center at The Kansas Speedway

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            NASCAR fans from around the Midwest, as well as the best drivers in the country, are gathered at the Kansas Speedway for an exciting weekend of racing. The track has been the site of these twice-a-year competitions for the last 18 years. And in that whole time, doctors and nurses from The University of Kansas Health System have been part of the action, taking care of both fans in the stands and drivers in the infield care center.

            Dr. Dennis Allin, an Emergency Department physician at The University of Kansas Health System, has overseen the health care team at the track for all of those years. He’s treated drivers in the care center and on the track, sometimes after a fiery crash. In the video, Dr. Allin talks about why the hospital’s status as the only nationally verified Level 1 trauma center in the region was a big factor in having the track built in Kansas City, Kansas. He describes the preparation and teamwork that it takes to treat both drivers and fans, and he explains why treating ultra-competitive race car drivers can sometimes be a challenge. He talks about how safety changes have decreased the number of driver injuries…especially after hitting the wall, and how, surprisingly, everyday car accidents can be more dangerous than those during a race. He also says some of his most memorable incidents over the years didn’t involve a wreck…but a tornado. His best advice for fans coming to the race…drink in moderation, bring any medicine you take and protect your hearing…especially for children.

            The video also includes shots inside and outside of the care center, plus video from a fiery crash that forced a driver to come to the care center.