Keeping Fit in the Summer Heat

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            For many of us, these are the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. With temperatures in the 90’s, it’s easy to blame the heat for easing off on the outdoor exercise routine. But for those who want to keep up the routine, especially athletes getting ready for a fall sport, there are some definite tips to keep in mind.

            Ryan Sloop is an athletic trainer with The University of Kansas Health System’s Youth Sports Medicine program. In the video, he says it takes time to acclimate to the heat, and to work your way into a routine…so don’t go all out on your first session. He says if at all possible, exercise with a buddy, so you can keep an eye out for each other and possible signs of danger.  He also says it’s vital to pay attention to the humidity level. For example, 80 degrees might not sound so bad, but if there’s also an 80% humidity level, it won’t take long to get exhausted and dehydrated, which could be very dangerous. Sloop also says to take plenty of rest breaks and to make sure stretching is done both before and after the workout.