Holiday Travel Can Lead to Unintended Poisonings

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It’s the time of year when family and friends arrive for the holidays, the hand-bags are dropped and hugs begin. Sadly, unintended poisonings can and do follow.

“We get calls after someone has left a handbag unattended and a curious child opens a guest’s pill box,” Stefanie Baines, educator with the Poison Control Center at The University of Kansas Health System said.  “Pill boxes may not be child resistant.  It’s best to ask for a safe place to put your bags and carry medications in their original bottle.”

Other concerns shared by the Poison Control Center this time of year include exposure to lead from antique ornaments and toys, swallowing button batteries found on musical cards and tiny magnets included in some grown-up gifts and costume jewelry. Adult beverages from holiday parties left sitting around pose a very serious threat to small children.

           All of these concerns are why the Poison Control Center has produced a safety video featuring puppets Hunter and Scout with their friend Taylor. The video begins as three friends create a safety check list for the holidays. In the video, Stefanie Baines offers more detail surrounding common poisoning threats during the holiday. The entire teaching video is also included for news agencies to share with their followers this holiday.  Spread safety and as well as joy.