The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

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            We all receive the gift of life from our mothers…but what if you got the chance to return the favor? Debbie Harker and her daughter Casey Flory share many traditions and are close…but this duo has redefined what it means to be family. After being diagnosed with celiac disease that ultimately progressed to stage 5 kidney disease, 60-year-old Debbie went on dialysis and was told she’d eventually need a kidney transplant. That’s when Casey stepped in. After being tested Casey found out she was a perfect kidney match for her mom, and immediately decided she would donate. They had their procedures at The University of Kansas Health System, and both women are doing better than expected. And as part of the deal, Debbie promised she’d get a tattoo on her arm.

            In the video, Dr. Sean Kumer, the transplant surgeon, describes what he calls an elegant ballet, as the finely coordinated team retrieves the kidney from the donor and transplants it to the recipient. And he talks about how well things went for Debbie and daughter Casey.

            Also in the video, Debbie Harker and her daughter Casey Flory talk about what the experience was like from first learning that Casey was a match through the recovery process, and how the whole experience has brought them literally closer together. Also included is video from the transplant procedure.