Bob Hallinan

Executive Producer

Bob Hallinan, Executive Producer, Medical News Network, holding a big fish.

Bob is always fishing for a great story, and his 20 years as an award-winning TV news producer (Associated Press Best Newscast, KETV, Omaha and Regional Emmy Best Newscast, KMBC, Kansas City) have taught him that the best stories are about people. How handy to have a hospital full of people, most with great stories to tell, at his disposal! Bob’s dream has always been to be a catcher for the Kansas City Royals, but since they have an All-Star at that spot, it might be awhile before that call comes. His bucket list includes watching a Royals game from the seats right behind home plate. While waiting for that to happen, Bob amuses himself  (and others) by playing golf. He also likes deep sea fishing, keeping up with his family and listening to Irish music (Clancy Brothers in particular). Bob has climbed the 14,000 foot Mt. Shavano in Colorado (dumbest thing he ever did) and canoed the Boundary Waters of Minnesota (coolest thing he ever did…besides getting married!)