Cliff Erwin

Broadcast Studio Program Director

Cliff Erwin, Broadcast Studio Manager, Medical News Network, gowned up for the operating room, shooting video.

Cliff is known for his precision videotaping and editing.  He perfected those skills shooting sports and storm chasing. His ability to keep one eye on the 'ball' or the skies has served him well while keeping up with surgeons in the OR as well as other medical staff in a fast-paced academic hospital. The only thing that makes Cliff smile bigger than videotaping a medical breakthrough or surgery is spending time with his two young boys and wife.  This multi-media journalist says he ‘hit the sweet-spot’ with his job at The University of Kansas Hospital because they allow him to do meaningful news stories and are the official healthcare providers to the Royals, partner with the Chiefs, NASCAR and Sprint Center.  He admits he never dreamed of videotaping or editing surgeries, but his curiosity and storytelling skills take over when he puts on his scrubs.  Cliff credits his award-winning (including MBA, NPPA & 4 time Emmy nominated) work at Kansas City (ABC), Springfield (NBC) and Joplin (NBC) stations for prepping him for this most important storytelling.  He says you can trust him to get the ‘shots’ you need for your news gathering.